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Why Is Sean 'Diddy' Combs Accused of So Much Violence Over the Past 30 Years & Why Did the Music Industry Look the Other Way?

November 28, 2023

By: Tiffany Red

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Recent allegations against Sean "Diddy" Combs span a troubling timeline, starting with accusations dating back to the '90s. From connections to high-profile shootings and altercations to claims of threatening behavior, assault allegations, and legal battles, the list is extensive. These include incidents involving industry figures like Tupac Shakur, Suge Knight, Cassie, Drake, and others, with accusations ranging from physical assault, harassment, and silencing with NDAs, to disturbing claims of violence, rape, sex trafficking, and revenge porn.

The gravity and volume of these allegations cast a stark shadow over Sean Combs' public image, raising serious concerns about his conduct and treatment of others within and outside the music industry.


1994: Accused of having prior knowledge before the Quad Studios shooting, where Tupac Shakur was shot five times and robbed.

1995: Accused of involvement in the murder of Jake "Big Jake" Robles outside Platinum City Club in Atlanta by Mr. Combs former bodyguard, Anthony "Wolf" Jones.

1998: Steve Stout accused Mr. Combs and two of his associates of assaulting him in his office at Interscope Records. Stoute recounted that Combs approached his desk and, saying nothing punched him in the face. Following that, he alleges Combs proceeded to beat him to the ground with a telephone in the presence of two of Stoute's colleagues. Mr. Combs was arrested on April 16 on charges of felony assault and freed on $15,000 bail. 

1999: TV host Roger Mills alleges assault, false imprisonment, destruction of property, and intentional infliction of emotional distress after he refused to sell Mr. Combs the videotape of an interview where he questioned him about the 1997 murder of Christopher "Biggie" Wallace.

1999: Involved in a nightclub shooting that resulted in Jamal "Shyne" Barrow's imprisonment for attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment, while Mr. Combs was found not guilty of gun charges.

2004: Kimora Lee Simmons accuses Mr. Combs of threatening to hit her when she was pregnant. 

2007: Accused of threatening Laurieann Gibson with a chair, while Michael Bivins grabbed her during the filming of Making The Band, leading Gibson to report the incident to the police.

2008: Accused by Kieth "Keffe D" Davis of putting a hit out on Tupac and Suge Knight in a statement to the police.

2013: Allegedly involved in a scuffle with J Cole at an MTV VMAs after-party. On “Let Go My Hand,” Cole says, “My last scrap was with Puff Daddy, who would've thought it?/I bought that nigga album in seventh grade and played it so much/You would've thought my favorite rapper was Puff/ Back then I ain't know shit, now I know too much.” 

2014: Accused of assaulting Drake at LIV nightclub in Miami Beach, resulting in Drake's visit to the emergency room for a shoulder injury.

2015: Arrested for alleged assault with a deadly weapon against a UCLA football coach.

2017: Accused of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment by former personal chef Cindy Rueda. Her lawsuit states she was "regularly summoned by Mr. Combs to prepare and serve entrees and appetizers to him and his guests while Mr. Combs and/or his guests were engaged in or immediately following sexual activity." She alleges in the suit "A male house guest of Mr. Combs approached plaintiff in the nude to ask her to look at and admire his genitals after he had engaged in sexual activity with another house guest."

2018: Accused by Gene Deal, Mr. Combs's former bodyguard, of breaking the late Kim Porter's nose and physically abusing her and his former girlfriend, Misa Hylton.

2019: Accused of physical and mental abuse by former girlfriend Gina Huynh.

2020: Al B. Sure alleges Kim Porter was murdered and says she was "on the run," and he told her to "call the FEDs" in a since-deleted Instagram posts.

2020: Mason "Mase" Betha accuses Mr. Combs of purposefully starving his artists.

2023: Accused of silencing former Bad Boy artists with NDAs in exchange for their publishing rights, as alleged by Aubrey O'Day.

2023: Cassie Ventura filed a civil lawsuit where she alleged rape, sex trafficking, physical and mental abuse, an incident involving hanging one of Cassie's friends from a 17th-floor balcony, and the blowing up of Kid Cudi's car, which he confirmed.

2023: Joi Dickerson-Neal filed a civil lawsuit that alleges Mr. Combs sexually assaulted her, abused her, and accused Mr. Combs of revenge porn.

2023: Jane Doe accused Mr. Combs and singer Aaron Hall of raping her and her friend. Days later, she alleges Mr. Combs came to her home looking for Jane Doe's friend. He was worried she'd tell on him and Aaron for what they did. Jane Doe alleges Mr. Combs choked her until she passed out.

2023: Accused of physically assaulting his former assistant, Capricorn Clark, as stated by Suge Knight on his podcast "Collect Call With Suge Knight." Capricorn shared a cryptic tweet referencing 2011 as "hell" and calling Mr. Combs "the devil."

Why did the music industry overlook all of this? 

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