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AI Drake Can't Win A Grammy & DSPs Must Pay Late Fees For Late Royalties

September 12, 2023

By: Tiffany Red

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Welcome back to Music News & Opinions with Tiffany Red, your ultimate source for all things music business-related! In this episode, we're diving deep into some hot topics that have been making waves. From AI Drake Grammy rumors to the pressing issue of late royalties from digital streaming platforms, we've got it all covered.


Topic 1: 💰 DSPs Must Pay Late Fees for Late Royalties! 💸 

Time Stamp: 00:11 - 05:25


We'll kick things off by tackling a critical issue affecting songwriters and producers in the U.S. Digital streaming platforms (DSPs) have become a major source of revenue for the music industry, but what happens when they don't pay royalties on time? We'll discuss the U.S. Copyright Office's latest ruling that mandates late fees for late payments from DSPs to songwriters, the $700-$800 million in unpaid mechanical royalties from 2018-2022, and how the Copyright Royalty Board plays a significant role in delayed royalties as well. 


Topic 2: 🤖 AI Drake Can't Win A Grammy! 🏆

Time Stamp: 05:26 - 08:30


Next, we explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence in music creation. Have you heard about AI Drake & The Weeknd and their song "Heart On My Sleeve?" Rumors started swirling after news broke last week that the AI-performed song, written by Ghostwriter, was submitted for Grammy consideration! So what's true and what's false? Can AI ever win a Grammy as an artist? Tap in to get all the info!

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