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A Conversation with 100 Percenters Founder on BMI Modernization Proposal Letter & Call with BMI CEO

October 26, 2023

By: Tiffany Red

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This week on 100 Mag TV, join us as we delve into music advocacy and creative rights with Grammy-winning songwriter/activist Tiffany Red, the Founder and executive director of The 100 Percenters. Last week, the music industry was abuzz with the news of BMI's profit margin increase, and The 100 Percenters wasted no time taking action.


Tiffany Red opens up about the letter The 100 Percenters penned to BMI CEO and President Mike O'Neill, expressing their concerns and hopes for the future. This letter and the subsequent events shed light on the ongoing conversation between The 100 Percenters and BMI, aimed at sparking meaningful change in the industry for creatives.


Tune in to discover the backstory, the impact of Tiffany's Instagram posts, and her conversation with BMI's Mike O'Neill. This is a pivotal moment, and we're excited to share this insight. This is a must-watch video if you're passionate about music, creative rights, and advocacy.


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